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I teach no regularly scheduled IDL courses. Rather, I am typically hired by companies and organizations to come to their site and teach a three or four day customized course to their employees. Typically, such courses have 10-16 people in attendance, and the course material is chosen to meets the specific needs of the organization. Sometimes the course will focus on IDL programming fundamentals and sometimes the course will have a very specific goal in mind. I have

20+ years experience teaching IDL courses and I can adapt the material to meet your needs, whatever they are.

I strive, whenever possible, to have people of the same general level of knowledge in an IDL course, but sometimes this is not possible, for any number of reasons. Most of the programming exercises and lessons I bring to a class can be taught on several levels, which allows me to tailor the material for the abilities of the course participants without slowing the course down.

The programming examples are exceptional ... they are valuable additions to my own IDL library.

Dave Reid, Chicago, IL

Significant course discounts are available if you invite me to exotic foreign destinations where there is opportunity for either adventure travel (hiking and backpacking), birding, or scuba diving. I'll teach for free (maybe!) if the desination includes all three.

***Individualized Instruction

I have been experimenting lately with individualized instruction using WebEx Meetings. This is almost a combination of consulting and teaching. Normally, this involves getting together with no more than one or two people to work on a specific task related to IDL programming. WebEx Meeting allows us to see each other's desktop. As we work together, I can explain and expand on topics that are essential for solving a particular problem. This is a great way to get your project up to speed quickly and to work with your time efficiently. I have even been experimenting with doing this kind of instruction remotely. If this sounds like something you are interested in, please contact me directly so we can discuss the possibilities.

I learned an incredible amount in just two days. It is like entire worlds of new programming opportunities are now available.
Georg Warrlich, London, England

***Get Up to Speed Quickly

The reason most people take an IDL course is to get up to speed as quickly as possible. IDL is a big language, and it grows bigger every year. We all want to keep up with changes in graphics systems and language features like pointers, objects, lists, hashes, and all the other topics that can potentially make our programs more robust and useful to us—but we have no time to learn them!

I think of every class as an opportunity to put IDL in context for you by teaching the topics you absolutely need to know, in a concise, easy-to-understand format, that both encourages you to learn more, and gives you the skills and vocabulary you need to do so. I am careful to make the programming examples simple enough to be understood, but real-world enough to be used to learn more on your own. My goal is to empower you, not teach you everything you need to know in three days time. We move fast, but we have a good time doing it.

David's ability to teach a dry subject in an intuitive, entertaining manner is, for me, unmatched.
Angus Taggart, Los Angeles, CA

*** Training to Suit Your Needs

I pride myself on matching the contents of each of my IDL training courses with your specific training requirements. There is no point taking valuable time learning things you will not use. I find out what you need and want to know, and then use my skill and experience teaching IDL programming courses to customize course materials and example programs in a way that is of specific benefit to you.

Whether you want one-on-one personalized instruction to help you get your assignment jump-started, a customized course for the people in your lab, or a standard course for all the IDL programmers in your building, I can help you design a course that is perfect for you and your training requirements. Contact me today to see how easy it is to get started.

David's stories and teaching style not only changed the way I am going to learn widget programming, but they changed the way I am going to learn anything new.
Marcello Bertoli, Perth, Australia

*** Your Course Guarantee

I have nearly 20+ years experience using IDL. Teaching is my passion. I think you will find my training courses lively, entertaining, and--above all--motivating. I have helped literally hundreds of IDL users to learn to write top-quality IDL programs.

Every training course I teach is fully guaranteed. If you are not completely satisfied, you will not be charged for anything beyond expenses. My number one goal is to provide more value and service than you expect. I'm confident that you will not find a better IDL training course anywhere, guaranteed!

David knows what he is talking about and he knows the product. It shows in his approach.
Neil Endsley, Boulder, CO

*** Suggestions for IDL Training Courses

Although every IDL course I teach is different, people often like to have suggestions for the types of courses I have taught in the past. Here are a few suggestions for training courses that cater to a range of IDL users, from the beginner to experienced IDL application developers. Click each link to see a more detailed course outline.

*** To Find Out More

If you want to know why hundreds of scientists and engineers have already chosen Fanning Software Consulting to provide them with IDL training, then contact us today to discuss your specific training requirements and to get a training quote. Special considerations are given for remote or exotic locations where there is an opportunity for out-door adventure and/or speaking a foreign language!

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