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UNIX 7.x Workbench Crashes

QUESTION: I'm looking for a little guidance with regards to getting IDL 7.0 Workbench running smoothly on a 32-bit Linux system.

The issue is that as a normal user, the idl_opserver process that gets started by the Workbench dies right away. This results in commands entered at the command line simply disappearing and never getting executed. Also, I am unable to save new files or create new projects and on exiting the Workbench, JAVA hangs and my CPU usage goes to 100 percent. I have to kill the JAVA process manually.

Has anyone else come across this issue and does someone know of a fix or workaround?

ANSWER: In this case, the person reporting the problem researched and solved his own problem. Here is his report.

A little more investigation on my part and I've solved to issue.

The shared memory needed for the Workbench and idl_opserver to communicate was not available to normal users since the system didn't have /dev/shm setup in /etc/fstab.

Here is the line I needed to add to /etc/fstab in order to set up shared memory.

    tmpfs   /dev/shm   tmpfs   defaults   0   0 

Version of IDL used to prepare this article: IDL 7.0.3.

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