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result = cgBitGet(number, bit [, /SILENT])

The program is used to obtain the value of a particular bit in an integer number.

Return value

The function returns the bit value (0 or 1) of a specified bit in a supplied number.


number in required type=integer

The number from which the bit value is obtained. It should be a scalar integer. If it is not, it is converted to a scalar integer by rounding.

bit in required type=integer

The number of the bit you are interested in. A value between 0 and 63. If not supplied, all 64 bit values of the number are returned. May be an array of bit numbers.


SILENT in optional type=boolean default=0

If set, suppresses informational messages regarding rounding operations.


Here is how to use this program:

IDL> !X.Style = 5 IDL> Print, cgBitGet(!X.Style, 2) 1

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