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Date: Fri Mar 27 12:14:20 2015

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top cgRootName


result = cgRootName(filename [, Directory=string] [, Extension=string] [, Path_Separator=string])

The purpose of this routine is to extract from a long file path, the base or root file name. That is, the name of the actual file without the preceeding directory information or the final file extension. The directory information and file extension can be obtained via keywords. It is similar to File_Basename in IDL.

Return value

The base or root file name is returned. This is the "name" of the file without either the preceeding directory information, or the prepended file extension.


filename in required type=string

This file name to be parsed. It may be a relative or absolute path name to a file.


Directory out optional type=string

The name of the directory preceeding the root file name. If the file name contains no directory information, this keyword is set equal to the current working directory at the time the program is called.

Extension out optional type=string

The (usually!) three character file extention of the file.

Path_Separator in optional type=string

The string to use as a path separator in parsing the file. If undefined the out of Path_Sep() is used.


Print, the root name, directory, and extension of a file:

IDL> thePath = "C:\rsi\idl7.8\lib\" IDL> Print, cgRootName(thePath, Directory=theDirectory, Extension=theExtension) jester IDL> Print, theDirectory C:\rsi\idl7.8\lib\ IDL> Print, theExtension pro
Get the name of the current directory, with the path separator as the last character. This is the equivalent of CD, Current=current & current = current + Path_Sep(). IDL> void = cgRootName(Directory=current) IDL> Print, current

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David W. Fanning 1645 Sheely Drive Fort Collins, CO 80526 USA Phone: 970-221-0438 E-mail: Coyote's Guide to IDL Programming:


Copyright (c) 2003-2012, Fanning Software Consulting, Inc.


Change History:

Written by: David W. Fanning, 31 July 2003. Modified by KaRo, 13 Feb. 2005 to allow dots in the filename. Added PATH_SEPARATOR keyword. 25 July 2005. DWF. Added ability to recongnize directory by path separator in last character. 19 Sept 2005. DWF. If directory is blank (because a relative filename was passed), set to current directory. 6 Aug 2009. DWF. There were a couple of instances where the directory did NOT end in a path separator. Fixed. 24 Feb 2012. DWF. Added ability to get the current directory with a path separator in one step instead of two. See example section for details. 26 Sept 2013. DWF.

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