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top cgZPlot

cgZPlot, x [, y] [, LABEL=string] [, LEGENDS=object] [, OBJECT=objref] [, OPLOTS=object] [, PARENT=long] [, XSIZE=int] [, YSIZE=int] [, ZOOMFACTOR=float] [, _REF_EXTRA=any]

This program creates a "zoomable" line plot in an interactive window. The user can zoom into or out of the plot. Once a plot is zoomed, the user can then pan the plot in both the X and Y directions. See the operating instructions for how to interact with the line plot.

Operating Instructions--

Use the LEFT mouse button to zoom the plot and the RIGHT mouse button to pan the plot.

If you click and drag inside the plot axes, you will create a rubber band box. Select the portion of data you wish to zoom into. The zoom will occur in both the X and Y directions. If you wish to zoom the plot all the way back out, simply click and release the LEFT mouse button inside the plot axes without moving the mouse.

Once you are zoomed into a plot, you can adjust the zoom by clicking the LEFT mouse button outside the plot axes. If you click the mouse below the plot, you will cause the X axis to zoom out of the plot by the zoomFactor amount (normally 5% of the current range of the axis). If you wish to zoom the X axis into the plot, simply click above in the region of the window above the plot. Click below the plot to zoom out, above the plot to zoom in. Similarly, you can adjust the zoom on the Y axis. Clicking to the left of the plot zooms the Y axis out, while clicking to the right of the plot zooms the Y axis in.

If you are zoomed into the plot, you can pan to different locations in the plot by using the RIGHT mouse button. Hold and drag the RIGHT mouse button inside the plot axes. The entire plot will pan in both the X and Y directions.

File output requires that ImageMagick and GhostScript be installed on your machine. Note that exact axis scaling is always in effect.


x in required type=any

If X is provided without Y, a vector representing the dependent values to be plotted If both X and Y are provided, X is the independent parameter and Y is the dependent parameter to be plotted.

y in optional type=any

A vector representing the dependent values to be plotted.


LABEL in optional type=string

A label is similar to a plot title, but it is aligned to the left edge of the plot and is written in hardware fonts. Use of the label keyword will suppress the plot title.

LEGENDS in optional type=object

A single cgLegendItem object, or an array of cgLegendItem objects that will be drawn on the plot as a legend.

OBJECT out optional type=objref

The object reference to the underlying object.

OPLOTS in optional type=object

A single cgOverPlot object, or an array of cgOverPlot objects that will be overplot on the axes set up by the original data.

PARENT in optional type=long

The identifer of the parent widget for this program's draw widget. If not provided, the program will create it's own top-level base widget as the parent widget.

XSIZE in optional type=int default=640

The X size of the program's draw widget.

YSIZE in optional type=int default=512

The Y size of the program's draw widget.

ZOOMFACTOR in optional type=float

Set this keyword to a number between 0.01 and 0.25. This affects the amount of zooming when the X axis and Y axis are zoomed with the LEFT mouse button. The default value is 0.05 or five percent of the current axis range on each end of the axis, resulting in a 10 percent change in the axis length.

_REF_EXTRA in optional type=any

Any keyword appropriate for the IDL Plot or Coyote Graphic cgPlot command is allowed in the program.

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David W. Fanning 1645 Sheely Drive Fort Collins, CO 80526 USA Phone: 970-221-0438 E-mail: Coyote's Guide to IDL Programming:


Copyright (c) 2012, Fanning Software Consulting, Inc.


Change History:

Separated the object code (cgZPlot__Define) from this driver code for easier inheritance. 14 June 2012. DWF. Added LABEL keyword. 12 July 2012. DWF.

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