Coyote Graphics Map Projection Routines

Date: Fri Nov 29 13:44:27 2013

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top cgKML2KMZ


cgKML2KMZ [, kml_filename] [, supportFiles]

This program simply collects files created from the cgImage2KML program and moves the files to a zip file with a *.kmz file extention. The method used is an undocumented and unsupported method for creating KMZ files in IDL 8. It should not be relied upon, and it will not work in earlier versions of IDL. The cross-platform zip file functionality is scheduled to be exposed to IDL users in an IDL release sometime in 2013, but it is not known when or if this will occur.


kml_filename in optional type=string

The name of a KML file to package as a KMZ file.

supportFiles in optional type=string

A scalar or vector of files to be included with the KML file to be packaged. If not present, files in the same directory as the KML file and having the same base filename will be used.


Here is how to use this program with the Google Earth Image example in the Coyote Gallery. The result is a file named "google_earth_image.kmz" that can be loaded into Google Earth. IDL> Google_Earth_Image IDL> kml2kmz, 'google_earth_image.kml'

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