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top cgAppendToFilename


result = cgAppendToFilename(filename, theText)

The purpose of this routine is to allow the user append text to the end of the root name of an absolute file name. The text is appended to the end of the root name (see cgRootName) and before the final file extension.

Return value

The appended filename.


filename in required type=string

This file name the text is to be to be appended to. It may be a relative or absolute path name to a file.

theText in required type=string

The text to append to the end of the file root name.


Append "processed" to a filename:

IDL> thePath = "C:\rsi\idl7.8\lib\jester.img" IDL> outFileName = cgAppendToFilename(thePath, '_processed') IDL> Print, outFileName C:\rsi\idl7.8\lib\jester_processed.img

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